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The Shirt and the shaft.

  The story starts out on a late Friday when a young Lad rushes into our shop and asks for two of the happiness is a good joint shirt, that is u-joint and CV joint, of course. At the time we were out of them and he pleaded for us too take down his number and he explained why:

   Once Upon A Time, he had purchased two of the shirts.  One he used for 

working around the house and fishing.  The other he used when he visited his favorite night club. The shirt always became a conversation piece.

   The Friday prior to visiting us, he said he was at the bar and like many times before, the shirt broke the ice with a really hot chick.  he knew he was out of his league, but she seem really interested in him.  after a couple drinks, she suggested they go back to his place.  WOW !  A dream come true!  After a really incredible night, one he could not have planned if he had tried, he awoke late,(Duh), only to find that the Night Goddess and his favorite shirt where gone!!!!

 So where do we get the initials S.T.S.A.S. ?


We did this to help the Lad out on his next adventure.  So when you do wear the shirt, and if luck shines upon your shoulder, donít be mad if you have to give a little to get a little , and donít worry about the shirt; we will get more so you can get more. 

 And always remember; happiness is where you find it; or it finds you.

 Good luck and have fun from your Fun Friends at:


To purchase shirts,  please contact Dependable Driveshaft at 727-573-9107.  Shirts are $12.90(tax included) + $2.00 each freight.



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