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Spacer How to Check New Axle Against Old- Always check new axle against old axle. To do this,
  1. Compress both axles side-by-side and check the length. This will differ slightly because the new one will be more difficult to compress.
  2. Check the splines (length, count and appearance).

If the axles look different in general appearance, but the splines and compressed length are the same, it is likely the correct axle only a different style.

Axle Came Apart at the Transmission?- If your axle came apart at the transmission, it is possible and very likely, that you have a loose or broken motor mount. These should be adjusted or replaced as needed before operating the new axle. How to check before operating:

  1. While vehicle is on lift, with wheels in normal operating position, push your thumb into the inner boot.
  2. If you can feel the rollers, DO NOT operate this vehicle. Call us for help. Even if your car has been in an accident, we can make a custom driveshaft to fit. Custom shafts do require some simple measuring.

Mounts are Good, But You can Feel the Rollers?- If you are sure your mounts are good, but you can feel the rollers anyway:

  1. It may be possible to loosen the mounts and shift the engine toward the side where you felt the inner rollers.
  2. Double check both sides, and if you no longer feel the rollers, tighten the bolts back down and you should be set.

Have a Vibration?- If you are having a vibration:

  1. Check out your wheel bearings. You may not need an axle. Contact us for all your wheel bearing needs.
  2. If your wheel bearings are good, your inner joint may be worn. In this case, check your inner joint to see if you can feel the rollers through the boot. Contact us for more information on checking your inner joint.

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