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Spacer Rack & Pinion Need to be Replaced?- Things to do to check if your Rack & Pinion is bad:
  1. Check the power steering fluid. Is it black? When you shine a light into it, check for little metal flakes (these may appear gray). If the fluid is black or gray, then you need a new rack.
  2. Does your rack get stiff at different positions?
  3. Is there fluid leaking from the rack (Make sure it is coming from the rack and not the line)?

Steering Shaft Need to be Replaced?- If your fluid is clean and your pump does not make a staining noise, your steering shaft U-joint may need to be replaced. Remove the rack, and swivel the coupling in four directions. If it does not move, then that is your problem. That joint is usually a dealer item only.

Things to do BEFORE you Replace Your Rack & Pinion- Before replacing your rack & pinion with a new one, you must first thoroughly flush your steering system. Doing this procedure will make your installation a success rather than an unexplained failure. Your new rack should come with instructions for proper flushing.

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